Threads of the Divine

This document is obviously not the exact text of the book, but a summary of it. OVERVIEW Throughout the centuries there have been many pantheons, and they’re all related. There are 5 core deities, and in many pantheons those 5 were split into various sub deities. The modern monotheistic religions combined much of the worship of the 5 into a single power, based on various philosophers interpretations of the Divine. The Divine are unable to directly influence the world, instead relying on priests to spread the word and influence. The author takes no stance on the motivations of said deities, except to say that he does not believe all of them to have the same motivations. He does indicate that their influence seemed to wane over the last couple centuries, as the modern religions rose in prevalence, theorizing that because the worship was spread out across all the deities, they were unable to maintain that influence. The book also goes into some depth on so-called “demi-gods.” It present

Character Art!

  We have character art for 4 of the PCs(Marcus's art will come closer to his return to the show). The art was created by Craig Shepard, who can be found on Instagram @SeeShepDraw . Here are descriptions for the characters as well if you're interested:  Daniel “Doc” McAvoy Doc is 27 years old, approximately 6’ tall, slim and long build. He has brown eyes and brown hair worn with a side part. Doc has a full, thick mustache in the style of  Tom Selleck or John Oates. He wears a Sherpa-lined bomber jacket that was his older brother’s before The End. Doc carries a med kit in an army green canvas backpack with a painted red cross on it’s top flap. He wears blue jeans and brown leather boots, and often wears turtleneck shirts. Doc has noticeably bad posture.  David Reese David stands about 6'2", shaggy longer than medium, dark brown hair, poking out from  underneath a  wool cap, length a little lower than his ears, close cut beard and mustache, wearing a knit sweater and stu

Resources We Use

Here is a list of various resources we use to game. I will add to this as I come across or think of more things we use that might not be listed here. Online Game Resources Chronica - This is an excellent campaign tracking website, which I use to track NPCs the characters meet, the various factions, and locations. The basic version is free, but for monthly subscriptions(per campaign), you can unlock more features. Genesys Adversaries Database  - This database has an amazing amount of premade adversaries for the players to face off against. Genesys Emporium  - This webapp is a character creator for Genesys, and is run by the same guys who created  RPGSessions. There is a large amount of versatility with this, including creating your own content for use in character creation, and you can export that information so your players can use it. Quick Adversary Creator  - This website allows you to create quick and dirty adversaries, via the rules presented in the Expanded Player's Guide. R


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