From the creative minds of Director Julie Davis, Producer Alex Freeman, and Screenwriter William Deam, comes an all-new short film:


Henry, mid-70s, recently lost his wife to what he believes was lung cancer caused by his second hand smoke. Riddled with guilt and self-destructive tendencies, Henry becomes a hermit in the midst of a home foreclosure, familial drama with his son, and the weight on his conscience. Elijah, early- 20s, is sent to act as his guardian angel to rescue Henry from himself.

The two form an unlikely friendship as Elijah proves that his innocence and genuine compassion are traits Henry wishes he could realize in himself. Conversely, Elijah realizes the strength alive in Henry and looks to him as a rolemodel.

However, when Henry lashes out against his son and grandchild and hits rock bottom, will Elijah allow Henry to do the most taboo thing a guardian angel could do – connect with the afterlife.So Elijah, realizing that his new found companion is worth more than his status as a guardian angel, connects Henry with his wife. Everybody needs somebody, sometimes.

Henry is able to make amends with what may have only been his own mind, his own conscience and his own soul. Was Elijah even real? Regardless, Henry is left with peace of mind – a sentiment only a true friend could offer.