Resources We Use

Here is a list of various resources we use to game. I will add to this as I come across or think of more things we use that might not be listed here.

Online Game Resources

Chronica - This is an excellent campaign tracking website, which I use to track NPCs the characters meet, the various factions, and locations. The basic version is free, but for monthly subscriptions(per campaign), you can unlock more features.

Genesys Adversaries Database - This database has an amazing amount of premade adversaries for the players to face off against.

Genesys Emporium - This webapp is a character creator for Genesys, and is run by the same guys who created  RPGSessions. There is a large amount of versatility with this, including creating your own content for use in character creation, and you can export that information so your players can use it.

Quick Adversary Creator - This website allows you to create quick and dirty adversaries, via the rules presented in the Expanded Player's Guide.

RPGSessions - This is an excellent webapp(created by Unbound Legends) that allows us to track Wounds, Strain, Initiative, and Story Point usage. It is also how we roll dice, since we are currently meeting remotely. They're hard at work on new features, including the ability to enter NPC and vehicle stats on the game table. They're also incredibly responsive to any questions or bugs you may experience on their discord server.

Podcasting Resources

Adobe Audition - I use Audition to edit, mix, and master the podcast. However, it's an expensive option($30/month)

Anchor.FM -  Our podcasting host, Anchor has a lot of great analytic information, and makes distribution quite simple.

Audacity - The players use this to record their own voice locally, which is then sent to me to sync up and edit for release of the podcast. This option is free, and can be used to edit, mix, and master the podcast as well.

Craig - Craig is a bot for Discord that allows you to record voice channels and sends you a link to download the audio files, with each user having their own track, which are perfectly synced with each out. We originally used Craig as the sole recording for each user, however we have switched to using him as a backup.

Discord - We use a discord server for both between session communication, and voice recording in session.

D20Radio - This is our network. There are a bunch of great podcasts that are part of the network, palying and discussing a variety of game systems.

Genesys Foundry Rules

The Genesys Foundry on is a fantastic resource. These are some of the supplements we utilize in the game.

Expanded Archetypes - I used the 3 archetypes presented in this as options for my players.

GM's Eclectic Toolbox - I use several pieces of this offering, primarily the Skill Challenge rules.

G.O.L.E.M.S. - I've just begun to work with this supplement, which helps GMs create and manage organizations that are working in the background during the campaign.

Skill's Guide - This supplement has a large amount of information and uses of the skills included in the  base game, and we have found ourselves consulting it more and more.